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The DrawWorks mechanically operated casing running tool allows safe casing running at up to 20 joints per hour.


DrawWorks uses the latest technology to ensure customers receive high quality products.


30+ patents in the field of surface and downhole oilfield equipment. World-known for researching and developing. Experienced in solving problems and delivering results.


DrawWorks produces products that are easily maintained. Owning DrawWorks equipment results in lower maintenance cost  and provides years of service.


DrawWorks develops equipment that eliminate personnel from hazardous locations on the rig to increase safety and reduce cost.

About DrawWorks

DrawWorks designs, manufactures, tests, and sells casing running tools. We started in 1998 by developing and patenting our line of mud handling equipment which included the Autofill™ Casing Equipment, AutoValve™, MudSaver valves, and Single Joint Compensator (SJC™) System.

About DrawWorks

Our Products

We create durable, reliable, and cost-effective oilfield equipment for your onshore and offshore drilling needs. Our casing running tools have been trusted by numerous upstream firms who turn to us for our design, development, and quality product leadership.

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Our enormous library of resources provides you the information you need about DrawWorks casing running tools and other products. Public resources include videos, flyers and brochures, and terms and conditions. Drawings, manuals, and presentations are restricted to DrawWorks customers.

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August 10, 2019

Focus on Modularity

Here at DrawWorks, we are all about bringing good ideas to our customers. One of the key ideas we bring into designs is modularity. This stems from the realization of the need for tools to transform for the job at hand. We’ve used this approach since 1998, when Gus Mullins, our mentor, developed the Autofill […]

August 9, 2019

DrawWorks’ Two New Patents

  DrawWorks is very excited to announce the two new patents we have been granted. These patents are for tools that are currently in the field testing stages but are very exciting prospects for our company. The two new tools are the AutoVator and the DWSES. With these new tools, we are continuing the way […]

March 31, 2019

Technology is the Future of the Oilfield

Our team of engineers here at DrawWorks understands that technology is the future of the oilfield. The professionals on our staff work with companies to take their ideas on paper, to the field. That means that technology can make a real difference. Technology will help your team get your project completed efficiently. Because of this, we […]

DrawWorks designs, manufactures and sells casing running tools, as well as handling, circulating, and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars. Our Products are designed to be safe, simple and strong, which reduce risks and save time. We focus on customer satisfaction and proudly solve challenging issues. DrawWorks provides tubular running solutions for many companies providing services such as casing running.