Our People


DrawWorks designs, manufactures, tests, and sells tubular running equipment. We started in 1998 by developing and patenting our line of mud handling equipment which included the Autofill™ Casing Equipment, AutoValve™, MudSaver valves, and Single Joint Compensator (SJC™) System. DrawWorks’ most recent development, the DWCRT™, is a modular mechanically operated casing running tool. DrawWorks is proud to offer custom solutions in tubular running equipment by continuing to develop products that are safe, simple and strong.


Our customers for tubular running equipment include companies providing casing running services and tong services, such as casing crews. We also sell products to drilling contractors.


Our facilities are located in Boling, Texas, a small town 50 miles southwest of Houston, Texas, near the town of Wharton.


Our company was recognized by Texas A&M University School of Business and Center for New Ventures & Entrepreneurship as one of the 100 fastest growing companies founded or managed by a graduate of the university.


Our tubular running equipment is exported throughout the world. Our customers provide services to the major oil and gas companies. Our equipment is recognized as the best by the world’s largest service contractors, who frequently purchase our surface casing equipment.


You will find our surface casing and other equipment has been used on the largest drill ships in the Gulf of Mexico by the major oil and gas companies. We have also designed special equipment to be used in the Gulf of Mexico to allow the control of the annulus in deep water (>5,000 ft) while running an inner string of drill pipe inside of a liner hanging in the riser.


DrawWorks, L.P. has an enviable reputation for innovation with many patented products. You can have complete confidence in the ability of DrawWorks, L.P. to meet all your requirements.


DrawWorks, L.P. cut metal for the first time in 1998. What was being produced at that time was our first generation of the AutoFill casing fill-up, flow-back and circulation tools (FACT). Prior to that we were primarily an engineering, research and development business.


We have over 50 years of experience in research and design of “down hole tools”. We are very knowledgeable in valve and seal technology, and are dedicated to continual improvement of our surface casing products. We use the latest technology in Computer-Aided Design, including FEA and flow analysis.

DrawWorks designs, manufactures and sells casing running tools, as well as handling, circulating, and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars. Our Products are designed to be safe, simple and strong, which reduce risks and save time. We focus on customer satisfaction and proudly solve challenging issues. DrawWorks provides tubular running solutions for many companies providing services such as casing running.