The first recognition that I give to the DrawWorks LP family is the technical and sales support. The men that are behind the tools and service have always been very helpful thru their technical support or being hands on with us, and that has made our experience a smoother operation throughout the many years we have worked with them. DrawWorks, LLC has helped us become an oilfield culture of excellent service because of the pride in what they do and the excellent tools to back it. We have been using the DrawWorks Fill Up Tools in the South TX, East TX and North Louisiana regions for over ten years and have had the same great experience with the Fill & Circulating  Auto Valve and with the CF Series Valve, for Stabberless rig ups. Our highlights of the auto valve is that it has the potential of 20bbls/min which gives the tool the maximum amount of drilling fluid to flow thru so you are only regulated by the pump pressure. With the same valve, you have zero pressure on flow-back set ups. This is a really great feature that results not moving gas pockets as you’re going in the hole and only seeing the displacement of casing for flow in your return line. On the CF Series Valve, you are allowed to operate without a stabber in the derrick to guide the tool in the casing making this a safer running procedure for today’s innovated drilling rigs. The flex hose is also a big interest to us because it has an extra coated protection giving it an extended life for more usage. Overall, we are and still very satisfied consumers and recommend DrawWorks, LLC as the number one choice for Fill Up & Circulating Tool  products and service.   Thanks DrawWorks for all the years of great service and continued support!

Geyel Velenzuela

Timco – District Manager

This was the first time that we were able to rig up and utilize the DWCRT here on Trident 8. The rigging up process went flawless (due to the extended amount of preparing the crews with material on the new tool before it was time to rig up) Shawn was a tremendous amount of resource on the tool, he was more than willing to help out and ensure that the job went good. We had been running the Tesco CDS and the CRTI™ here in our operations and had not had a lot of success with either of these tools. The actual use of the DWCRT was a lot more robust and the drillers caught on to the running procedure rather quickly. The tool performed without any flaws and myself as well as everyone else are pleased to continue using the DWCRT in future casing runs. DrawWorks was willing to set down and help with ways of trying to improve on efficiency moving forward. I, personally am looking forward to the success of this tool and the improved efficiency that it will bring to our operations.

Kyle Ard – Chevron

Drill Site Manager Trident


“DrawWorks flew in a team from their facility in Houston to support Chevron/ AOSOrwell/Shelf Drilling first use of the DWCRT at their cost, which is a rare case in the industry.Tool rig up, run and rigging  down was so exceptional that the drillers and roughnecks were self-directed after making up a couple of joints, DrawWorks should consider incorporating a pressure bleed off valve in the near future. The data (graphs) generated from running with the DWCRT are of incomparable quality and accuracy that provides us with important evaluation and comparison. I am happy to be a part of the DWCRT commissioning in Africa.”

Toye Oyatobo – Chevron

Drillsite Manager—Trident 8 rig Offshore Escravos, Chevron Nigeria Limited


I supervised the NOSCO DWCRT that was used to run the 13 3/8” casing on OES RESPECT RIG; I found the tool performed credibly and efficiently, despite the delays from cat work in picking casing to the rig floor. Even though drillers were new to the DWCRT, we achieved up to 11 joints /hr., and sometimes hitting 12 joints/hr., we averaged 9joints/hr., on the overall run. I encourage all the drilling team to embrace new technology and improve our performance in subsequent operation.

Festus Akpeji



“The DWCRT is the most efficient casing running tool I have had the privilege of running, my drillers caught on after a few  joints and exceeded the expected run time with ZERO difficulties.”

Nasiru Adams – Shelf Drilling

Tool Push Trident 8


“The DrawWorks Casing Running Tool is a very fast and efficient tool”. The tool is very easy to learn and it’s not by any means a complicated tool. The use of the FMS helps eliminate and saves a whole lot of stress without using slips and safety clamps unlike the others. Excellent job & Kudos to the designer and producers of the tool.”

Kunbi Adegoke- Shelf Drilling


DrawWorks designs, manufactures and sells casing running tools, as well as handling, circulating, and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars. Our Products are designed to be safe, simple and strong, which reduce risks and save time. We focus on customer satisfaction and proudly solve challenging issues. DrawWorks provides tubular running solutions for many companies providing services such as casing running.