Casing running tool

Casing running tool


Finding the right casing running tool for your next oil rig project can be extremely difficult at times. Have you been looking but haven’t found any tubular drilling equipment that you fully trust? If you’re still on the market for a reliable CRT, DrawWorks has a solution that can help your workflow.


If you put a high priority on innovation, reliability, and low operating costs, the DrawWorks Casing Running Tool is the perfect choice for you. Unlike many of its hydraulic counterparts, this machine operates mechanically. If you or one of your technicians need to reciprocate, rotate, and circulate simultaneously, you’ll have problem doing so with this tool.

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The DrawWorks Casing Running Tool

Running casing with a top drive can be tough at times, but the DWCRT has what it takes to complete the job for you. Like most people, you probably want to minimize the amount of workers who are on the rig floor due to safety and organizational reasons. The more tools and men you have in one place means that the chances for something catastrophic begin to inflate. At DrawWorks, keeping our customers safe is a priority, and our tubular drilling equipment will help you do exactly that.


The DrawWorks Casing Running Tool (DWCRT)


One of the best features of our casing running tool is the fact that you will be able to immediately cut down on the amount of workers and tools you need in one place. The DWCRT only requires one technician for operation, and many of its components integrate right into the machinery. This means that you’ll be able to cut down on three to five different parts as well as reassign your workers to take on different projects. With this efficient piece of tubular drilling equipment on your side, you’ll definitely be able to relocate your resources and maximize your team’s productivity.


Many people are in the habit of purchasing lots of extra parts for their CRT. Like most people, you might be also expecting to purchase tongs, elevators, bails, and other components for your tool. One of the best things about the DWCRT is the fact that it’s modular in design. There are many advantages to this, but one of the main pros is that it integrates a lot of components into the tool itself. This means that you won’t have to worry about buying add-ons with this tool.


Another advantage of its modular design includes advanced versatility. If you’re working with casings that differ in size, you probably don’t want to put up with having to buy more than one CRT. Our tool for casing is modular, and it’s interchangeable with many different sizes and casings. If you have a lot of different casings that need to improve, you’ll relish the fact that you’ll only need one DWCRT to tackle the job.


Mechanically operated CRTs that are easy to use


Because it is mechanical and not hydraulic, you’ll have an easy time operating it. Something else that makes it stand out from the competition is its low maintenance requirements. Maintaining a CRT is extremely important if you want to maximize its lifespan, and you’ll definitely want to make sure you get it cleaned and maintained periodically. Since our tubular drilling equipment is simple in design, you and your team won’t have a hard time maintaining its cleanliness and upkeep.


DrawWorks continues to add to our inventory, and we want to be your one-stop shop for all your oilfield technology needs. Are you trying to find a flush mounted spider? Looking for a mud saver valve to help your rig floor stay clean? Perhaps your team is looking for power tongs and you don’t know where to find them. These are only a few of the valuable tools you can acquire from us.

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Tools and systems that make your drilling project safer

If safety is a priority for you while drilling, the DrawWorks Casing Compensating Alignment Tool is definitely something you’re going to want. The utilization of this system will make your tubular running much safer and more secure. Stabbers and stabbing board operations are extremely hazardous, and you should always try to eliminate them whenever possible. Not only will this machinery render your stabber obsolete, but it will also improve and maintain high running speeds.


Safety systems that can increase your speeds and efficiency


Our pipe handling system is another valuable tool that promotes safety. This also removes the need for stabbers, and it only requires a single technician for operations. This allows your tubular to be completely made up and controlled from the rig floor, and you’ll be able to improve your speeds without compromising safety. Drilling can be dangerous at times, and it’s not at all an easy job for one person. DrawWorks is a company that promotes safety and security, and we do our best to manufacture tools that will take hazards out of our customers’ lives.


When you’re purchasing a CRT, it is extremely important that you make sure you’re getting it from a reputable company you can put your faith in. DrawWorks has been in oilfield technology for over fifty years, and our products continue to improve. Our knowledgeable team of engineers and designers have over thirty patented products to offer you, and we’re always ready to help someone find the tools their need for their next oil rig project.


However, we understand if you’re looking for something increasingly specific. Are you trying to locate the perfect tools for your next job, but you just haven’t found it yet? If you need something that’s not currently available on the market, let us know. We have years of experience creating custom made tools for customers who are looking for something that’s a bit different than what they’re finding. Let us know your needs, and our experts will start working hard to build a reliable solution for you.


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The casing running tool you choose can have a huge effect on your next oilfield projects. The last thing you want to do is pick a product that isn’t equipped to handle the work you’re trying to get out of it. If you’re ready to start improving your drillings and casing jobs, contact DrawWorks today.

DrawWorks designs, manufactures and sells casing running tools, as well as handling, circulating, and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars. Our Products are designed to be safe, simple and strong, which reduce risks and save time. We focus on customer satisfaction and proudly solve challenging issues. DrawWorks provides tubular running solutions for many companies providing services such as casing running.