Have you been looking for casing and drilling equipment, and the Volant CRTI and other casing running tools caught your eye? If you need quality oilfield technology, you’re probably looking for something that will get to the bottom of the rig consistently, safely, and with low operating costs. For a tool that does all of that and much more, consider DrawWorks for your next oil drilling products.


The DrawWorks Casing Running Tool (DWCRT) is the most versatile tool of its kind on the market today. This is a mechanically operated piece of machinery that is easy to operate and very simple to maintain. Its simple operation mechanics allow the user to reciprocate, circulate, and rotate simultaneously with ease. This innovative piece of equipment is something you can always count on to get the job done when you have a tough drilling and casing project ahead.

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There are many key features that make this a standout mechanism amongst its many competitors. Its built-in compensator helps casing travel with ease during thread makeup, and there is no set-down weight needed to activate slips. The integrated locking mechanism allows the DWCRT to be set and released with low amounts of torque, and it eliminates any need for any top drive set-down weight.


Another incredible advantage of this tool is its modular design. Are you working with a lot of different casing, and you need a tool that’s going to be able to handle them all? If so, you’re going to love the DWCRT. This versatile piece of machinery is interchangeable with all types of different sizings and casings, and it’s the only tool you’ll need to handle them all. You’ll be able to keep your operating costs extremely low.


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In addition to providing customers with casing running tools and CRTI alternatives, we also have a bevy of other quality products to offer you. If you’re trying to increase the level of safety during your projects, investing in the DrawWorks Pipe Handling System is a great option for you. The DWPHS will enhance your tubular running safety by removing the need for stabbers and other stabbing board operations. This system is easy to use as it only requires one technician for operation. Its main benefit is improving your tubular running speed while simultaneously upgrading your safety.


Oil rigs can be extremely dangerous, and we want to help our customers stay as safe as possible when working in these types of environments. The DrawWorks Single Joint Compensator (DWSJC) is another valuable tool that we recommend to keep your workspace as safe as possible. The role is this hardware is to prevent damage to the threads of the tubular while it’s being removed from the string. It keeps the weight balanced to make sure that only a small amount of force is being exerted on the threads.


This tool has the ability to indicate the joint weight to the driller. That way, he or she can be precise and exact when controlling loads and unscrewing the joint. Its benefits and features include a variable control valve, the component that provides the operator with exact control when lowering a joint. Its compensator system includes a cylinder, long stroke, swivel system, swings, and air lines. All of these components work together to provide you with a reliable piece of machinery that can help you get your projects completed in a safer and more efficient manner.


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Something else to keep in mind is that you’re going to want to keep your rig floor clean while working. Not only does this make your job easier, but it can also keep you and your crew members safe from slips and falls. Our spring loaded mudsaver valve is a very valuable tool that can help you accomplish just that. Spillages and mud loss can really impede your project, but this component can help you overcome that.


The CF-Series mud saver valve can absorb flow-back, fill up casing, and much more. It can circulate while running casing without causing any changes to its size or weight. This mechanism is spring-loaded and you won’t have to worry about purchasing any external parts for it. The main role of this tool is preventing drilling mud from draining  onto the rig floor. Not only will this help you avoid wasting mud, but you and your crew will have a much safer work environment.


These are some of our most well-known tools, but the list goes on and on. Have you been looking for a side swivel for your cementing? Perhaps you need a flush mounted spider for your next project but you still haven’t found a company to help. For all your casing and drilling needs, be sure to reach out to our professionals. We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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Our team has been in business over 50 years. We know what it takes to provide our customers with quality technology each and every time they depend on us. Innovation is a key ingredient to what we do, and we’re always yearning for growth and knowledge. We have over thirty quality patented products, and the number continues to grow. You can count on us to provide you with premium tools for your next casing and drilling project.

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However, we can still help you even if you don’t pick out one of our pre-existing products. Are you looking for an innovative team to help you design and manufacture a specialized tool for your job? If you need something that’s tailor made to your needs, let us know. This is nothing new to us, and we can work towards building a reliable solution for you and your team.


Finding a quality CRTI for your casing and drilling needs isn’t easy. There are many manufacturers out there who all offer similar products and make the same guarantees and promises. However, with a proven track record of innovation, reliability, and high performance, DrawWorks easily stands out from the rest. Looking for the most versatile and reliable CRT on the market today? Call and ask about our casing running tool.

DrawWorks designs, manufactures and sells handling, circulating, and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars. Our Products are designed to be safe, simple and strong, which reduce risks and save time. We focus on customer satisfaction and proudly solve challenging issues. DrawWorks provides tubular running solutions for many companies providing services such as casing running.