HPFAC High Pressure Casing Fill Up Tool

The High Pressure Fill-Up and Circulating Tool or HPFAC™ is a high pressure casing fill up tool, Flow-Back, and Circulation Tool that will provide positive shut-off of the inside of a casing string.  A hydraulic device operated manually or auto-set at any time during casing running operations and run in conjunction with Top Drive System and the IBOP.

The HPFAC™ Tool fits within the elevator without having to change the bails and without having a man in the derrick – STABBERLESS.  No action is required by any personnel during Fill-Up and Flow-Back.  In the operating mode, the HPFAC™ is similar to that of normal casing fill-up and circulating equipment. The HPFAC™ Tool can be activated at a control panel located on the rig floor or remotely by the driller to cause slips to grip the interior of the casing and to  compress a packer-style element to seal the casing and the High Pressure Fill-Up AC™ Tool. In addition to the activation done by an operator or driller,  should the casing pressure rise above a pre-set limit (determined by the operator), the HPFAC™ Tool will set automatically without human intervention.   This feature, due to the slip arrangement of the HPFAC™ Tool, are gripping the interior of the casing; thus any hydraulic forces caused by casing pressure will not load the top drive or hook.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple
  • Short & Easy to Rig-Up
  • Fits in existing elevators without having to change bails
  • Stabberless
  • Circulate, Fill-up, and Flow-Back at any time
  • 10,000 psi High Pressure Rating
  • Does not load the top drive or hook, bails or elevators

Methods of Operation:

  1. At low pressures no activation required
  2. Manually set or released by a control panel at the rig floor
  3. Remote set or released by (rf) control at the drillers station
  4. Automatically sets when casing pressure reaches a preset limit

DrawWorks designs, manufactures and sells casing running tools, as well as handling, circulating, and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars. Our Products are designed to be safe, simple and strong, which reduce risks and save time. We focus on customer satisfaction and proudly solve challenging issues. DrawWorks provides tubular running solutions for many companies providing services such as casing running.