November 6, 2014

*We will discontinue stocking Line Pipe Threaded parts*

To All Customers:

DrawWorks products will no longer include Right Hand & Left Hand Line Pipe Threaded Parts beginning January 2015. These threads are on Hose Adaptors, Flex Hoses & AutoValve™ bodies. Any order for a part with a line pipe thread will be made to order once the current inventory is out of stock. Standard Delivery Time will be 8-10 weeks ARO for special requests of the Line Pipe thread parts after the stock runs out.

DrawWorks introduced the Left Hand Square Thread (LHST) in 2012. It is a safer, stronger, thicker and more robust thread. The Left Hand Square Threads (LHST) parts will considerably reduce or eliminate previous strength and safety issues and we encourage all customers to switch over. Below are examples of the previous line pipe thread and the new Left Hand Square Threads (LHST). Call Shawn or Rob at 979-657-1216 to order line pipe stock before it is gone. We can also help you prepare for the upgrade to the new Left Hand Square Threads (LHST) parts.

Thank You and be Safe.

lhst1 lhst2

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