Product - DW Casing Running Tool (DWCRT)


The DrawWorks CRT represents a new generation of Casing Running Tools. It is a mechanical tool with a modular design. The DWCRT is designed to make up casing, run it in the well, and provide rotation, reciprocation, and circulation at any time.  Using our patented compensator lock mechanism (CLM), no top drive set down force is required to set the slips. This feature also allows the DWCRT to be set with low torque, which  provides an easy release, and the ability to achieve high torque. The DWCRT has the fewest total parts making it the simplest and easiest CRT on the market to maintain between jobs. One actuator head is used for sizes 4-1/2” to 20” casing reducing the number of complete tools required for your operation. Our philosophy has always been to make our equipment so that it can be maintained on the well site when required.



CLM (Compensating Lock Mechanism)No topdrive set down load required to actuate
Locks/unlocks setting/release mechanism
Allows low torque to set the slips
Provides threaded make-up without further slack off
Setting MechanismMechanical
Low Release Torque
Allows high slip setting force
Low Release Torque
Slip grip rangeBroad range of casing weights for internal grip


No CageHigher load rating
No accidental misfire
Modular DesignLower cost/ less inventory


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Frequently Asked Questions

“What makes the DWCRT different from other CRT manufacturers?”

Fleet Management – Only 1 set of slip inserts needed for each casing size. No need to purchase multiple sets of slips when one will do!

Fewer Components – Not only does the DWCRT have *20% less components than its competitor, the DWCRT uses standard fasteners so that you will never be stuck waiting on a specialty part from the manufacturer. *(Comparing Volant CRTi4-7.0 to DWCRT dressed with 9.63” Slips).

Releasing High Torque – You are almost on bottom after rotating and pumping the casing down, attempting to release the competitor’s CRT can be a nerve-wracking experience, will the tool release from the pipe before the tool joint connection breaks?

With the DWCRT you will never have to worry about a high torque release scenario. With the CLM (Clutch Locking Mechanism) torque is placed in the DWCRT and held, not allowing for any incremental torque make-up as is common with other CRTs.

Modular Design – The DWCRT uses one “Head” assembly for all sizes between 4.5”-20” casing. Why does this matter?

As the needs of the industry changes so does the need for different tool sizes. With the DWCRT you can eliminate having multiple tools while keeping operating costs and inventory low. Want to switch between an Internal and an External CRT? With the Modular Design you can cover more sizes and weights with fewer parts than the competitors.

Maintenance – Simple maintenance, in less time. The DWCRT has the most efficient maintenance times in the industry. Fewer parts, simple design and the Modular Design mean cost savings to your bottom line!

“We get complaints from the rig about how much weight we are setting down with our current CRT, how much weight is required to set and release the DWCRT?”

We Get Down Without AirSetting and releasing the DWCRT only requires enough weight to create friction between the Bump Plate and collar of the pipe. Gone are the days of having to set down 10,000+ lbs when disengaging your tool.

The DWCRT does not use air inside the tool thereby eliminating the potential to set down excessive weight. CRT’s that use an air spring have been known to create other issues like unspooling the drilling line, potential wear and tear on the top drive gears and damaged casing when set down weight becomes too high.

“Is DrawWorks and the DWCRT new to the oil industry?”

Old School Meet New SchoolDrawWorks as a company has been manufacturing tubular running equipment successfully for over 20 years, The DWCRT represents a new generation of Casing Running Tools that improves on the existing CRT’s in the market. Want to learn more? Contact our Sales department or speak with a Technical Representative to learn how a DWCRT can improve your bottom line.

“I heard there were some big changes with DrawWorks as a company, how does this affect me?”

Helping HandsDrawworks recognized the need to restructure some of their responsibilities so more focus could be placed on the engineering and design process, as well as, focusing more on improving the customer’s experience.

DrawWorks has teamed up with Revolution Oilfield Services (ROS) to provide Sales and Technical Support for its products. ROS is made up of industry experts with global TRS experience and a reputation for providing the highest level of customer service and technical support.

“Our current CRT’s are not capable of handling the heavier strings, does DrawWorks have a solution for this?”

“…When It Does Not Exist, Design It” DrawWorks saw the need for higher capacity CRT’s and the capability to run heavier weights where other CRT’s could not.

The DWCRT exceeds all mechanical CRT’s in hoist capacity while maintaining the small footprint that comes with a mechanical tool.

In some instances, the DWCRT has hoist capacities of up to 200,000 lbs higher than their closest competition. Contact our Sales department to learn more.

DrawWorks designs, manufactures and sells casing running tools, as well as handling, circulating, and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars. Our Products are designed to be safe, simple and strong, which reduce risks and save time. We focus on customer satisfaction and proudly solve challenging issues. DrawWorks provides tubular running solutions for many companies providing services such as casing running.