Product - Inner String Running Tool

When an inner string is run in a deep-water application where the casing string exceeds the water depth and is across the sub-sea blow out preventer stack, a situation exists where a well control problem would be extremely dangerous. This is particularly true when running fill-up float equipment and where the casing string or the casing string and inner string cannot be sheared by the sub-sea preventer system.

We now offer an Inner String Running Tool to provide a method of circulating fluid through the casing and to keep the casing string full. This Inner String Running Tool lands in a sub-sea hanger to provide an anchor and seal in the hanger. It also a method of sealing on the inner string so that mud can be circulated through the inner string, in the inner string/casing annulus or the casing/riser annulus.

Features and Benefits:

  • Outer Latch                                  Anchors the Inner String Running Tool to the Sub Sea Hanger.
  • Outer Seal                                    Seals in the Hanger.
  • Inner Latch                                   Provides a method of anchoring the inner string (1,000,000 lb rating).
  • Inner Primary Seal                      Automatically seals on the Inner String Mandrel.
  • Inner Secondary Seal                 Seals on the Inner String Running Tool Mandrel when actuated.
  • Diverter Port                                 Fluid circulates in the annulus between the inner string and casing.
  • Outer Lock Ring                          Locks the Outer Latch to the Hanger.
  • Outer Release Ring                    Releases the Outer Latch from the Hanger

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