Product - Top Drive & Kelly MudSaver Valves

The CK-Series Kelly MudSaver Valves for Top Drives & Kelly Rigs eliminates back pressure and leaking

The CK-Series MudSaver Valve is designed to reduce or eliminate the undesirable loss of fluid when making a connection. The CK-Series MudSaver Valve opens automatically when the mud flow has started and closes immediately when the pumps are shut off, trapping the drilling fluid inside the Kelly. This makes drill string trips drier, faster, and safer. You’ll also spend a lot less time and money on environmental cleanup.

The CK-Series Kelly MudSaver Valve is housed in a saver sub and manufactured at a customer’s request, based on API requirements. The CK-Series Kelly MudSaver Valve is used to prolong the life of the Kelly or a top drive by taking the connection wear each time it is made up to a drill stem component. This means that the connection between the Kelly or top drive and the saver sub is rarely used, and suffers minimal wear and tear, whereas the lower connection is used in almost all cases and suffers the most wear and tear. The saver sub may be considered a consumable and does not represent a major investment. However, the Kelly or top drive component threads are spared by use of a saver sub, and those components represent a significant capital cost and considerable downtime when replaced. The valve is used instead of the IBOP in a top drive, which can be expensive and time consuming to replace.

On a typical 40 foot Kelly, the CK-Series Valve can save up to 21 gallons (½ barrel) of drilling fluid per connection. At today’s cost of about $100 per barrel for Oil Base Mud, this translates to a savings of $50 for each connection made. On a well drilling 2,000’ per day, the savings will be approximately $3,300. No wrenches are necessary to drop downhole, and there is no unnecessary wear on safety valves from using them to stop the flow of mud – a job they were not designed to do. Increased safety means higher productivity.

mud savor



Wireline ID

Flow Area

Maximum Flow   Rate




9 bpm




16 bpm




26 bpm


3-1/2” Valve     4-1/2” Valve     5-1/2” Valve

3-1/2” IF            4-1/2” IF            5-1/2” IF

4” FH                 4-1/2” XO         6-5/8” FH

Additional Advantages

  • Self-aligning seat
  • Large opening through ID
  • Check valve


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