Product - MudSaver Valve for NOV CRT

The AutoFill fill-up tool and “C” series MudSaver Valve has been specifically designed to be used with the National Oil Well Casing Running Tool (NOV/CRT). The fill-up tool can be substituted for the current circulator assembly and valve and uses standard parts used on the Patented Drawworks, L.P. AutoFill system. All companies now using the DrawWorks AutoFill can use inventory parts for this new system.

The “C” Series Mud Saver valve (patents pending) can  be ordered in two versions- one being a coated metal seat assembly and the other a carbide seat assembly. The coated seat units would be used where mud weights are less than 9 ppg* and flow rates less than 5 bpm*, the Carbide series would be used where mud weights are higher mud weights and flow rates up to 18 ppg* and 9.5 bpm*.

Features and Benefits

AutoFill Components

  • Use Existing Inventory

Short Length

  • Fits inside the NOV/CRT

AutoFill Components
-Use existing inventory
Short Length
-Fits inside the NOV/CRT
-Replaces the NOV circulator and valve
Pressure operated valve
-Self Aligning Seat
-Simple system
Set screw safety back-off lock
-Simplifies tear-down and assembly
“C” series Valve
-Floating Seat
*Positive seal
*Large flow area
*Lower pressure drop
*Shorter length
-Large Check Valve
*Handle flow back
-Two Seat Choice
*Coated – less expensive
*Carbide – Longer life

mud savor tool


Tool     ID Inches    Flow Area sq-in     Housing  OD Min inches     Length inches         4.5”-5.5”       1.25                 1.22                                  3.8125                               44


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