Product - Single Joint Compensator (SJC™)

Protects premium threads during stabbing and removal

With the SJC Single Joint Compensator, you don’t need to worry about driller precision or damage to premium threads during either stabbing or removal.

During stabbing, the SJC balances the weight of each joint of pipe to ensure that it is stabbed with a very soft stabbing force exerted on the threads. Additionally, a special variable control lowering system allows very precise lowering of each joint as it is being stabbed. When a joint of pipe is removed from the string, the single joint compensator can be set so that the driller can view a special weight indicator to precisely control the load on the threads as they are being unscrewed. The control can be so precise that the joint being removed will softly release from the string when it is disengaged.

The SJC has the capabilities of single or dual cylinders inside or outside the bails.

Features & Advantages


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